George Koranteng, a seasoned visual storyteller from...
George Koranteng, a seasoned visual storyteller from Accra, Ghana, holds an M.A. in Development Communication from the University of Media, Arts, and Communications. He is a member of the African Photojournalism Database by the World Press Photo and brings a wealth of experience from his tenure as a visual storyteller at the United Nations in Ghana.

During his undergraduate programme at KNUST, he began his journey into visual storytelling while researching contemporary ceramics. While working with the United Nations in Ghana, he honed his narrative skills through compelling human interest stories and strategic communications. George orchestrated impactful photo exhibitions that sparked crucial dialogues on the challenges faced by women and girls. His photographs became integral components of numerous reports, amplifying the voices and experiences of marginalized communities. 
George's passion lies in documenting the lives of everyday Ghanaians, envisioning his photographs as a timeless window for future generations to appreciate the rich Ghanaian lifestyles in this era.

He aspires to establish an incubation program aimed at empowering young individuals, particularly women, to challenge prevailing stereotypes about Africans. Through ethical storytelling and utilizing photography as a powerful medium, his vision is to equip the next generation with the tools to reshape narratives and perceptions about the African continent.
 George was part of 20 Ghanaian photographers selected to...
George was part of 20 Ghanaian photographers selected to be part of an intensive 4-day workshop facilitated by Pete Souza, former Chief Official White House photographer for Presidents of the United States Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama and  Alice Gabriner, a renowned photo editor who also worked in the White House. Dikan Center organised the workshop with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Ghana.

George Koranteng

George Koranteng is an experienced documentary photographer based in Ghana with an M.A in Development Communication from the University of Media, Arts and Communications in Accra.
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